Summer Spanish Courses for Adults

Corsi di spagnolo per adulti in Spagna Immersione di spagnolo per adulti esigenti Corsi di spagnolo designati designed per esigenze
accademiche o personali degli studenti
Corsi di spagnolo per adulti in Malaga
Spanish Courses in Malaga with Super Saver Conditions Individual Spanish courses - Personalised Spanish courses for seniors 50 + in Spain

The Intensive Spanish Summer Courses are planned to start at the beginning of every month throughout the summer, and you can book for 2 weeks to 16 weeks, our summer Spanish courses are offered throughout July, August, September and October.
The courses follow the structure of the regular Intensive Spanish Courses 20/25, and can be taken individually or combined with One to One lessons. You have included 3 afternoon activities per week.

The intensive Spanish Summer language course includes 4 to 5 hours of daily lessons, You can choose the course from 20 to 25 lessons per week. You can start every Monday (Absolute beginners: the first and third Monday of each month. See dates)

For your summer Spanish courses at Alhambra Instituto in Malaga we can offer you 2 different types of accommodation (if you need): shared apartments and host Spanish families located within 10-15 minutes from our school-

This is an ideal Spanish language course for those who only have a few weeks available to study during the summer holidays.

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The 20 (or 25) lessons/week programme combines Spanish language learning and practice with the study of a variety of interesting up-to-date topics, e.g. Spanish customs and culture, Spanish Literature and Theatre, News & Current Affairs and Business Spanish . In the afternoon 3 activities are included with lot of free time to visit the city, go to the beach…


Why come to Alhambra Instituto ?

  • This Spanish School was established in 1980, and is exclusively geared towards teaching Spanish as a foreign language and have become the leading specialist in this field. With our combined experience of delivering Spanish language courses over thirty five years, we have much to offer international students who choose to study Spanish with us in Spain.
    Alhambra Instituto offers an extremely comprehensive range of courses. There are some 16 different courses in total. Whether studying Spanish for school or university, for work or purely for the pleasure of knowing another language and its culture, you should find that we offer the course you want. Please consult the range of Spanish courses shown and if you are unsure contact us for help.
  • Learning Spanish gives you the opportunity to connect with and learn from people just like you from all over the world.
  • Focus on speaking, listening, getting results and speaking with confidence in Spanish.
  • Malaga city – Alhambra Instituto: a safe, fun environment that promotes success and being amazing!

Book online to a Summer Spanish Course in Malaga

Have lots of fun and learn to enjoy your learning!

Spanish Summer  Language Courses ,intensive spanish courses for adults in spain,Spanish Immersion programs in Spain. Spanish courses and language holidays in Spain for adults, Malaga Beaches, Malaga city, museums and tourist attractions,You have so many different activities, challenges, experiences and opportunities throughout the 2/4 weeks course. You have course elements that encourage you to speak Spanish whilst increasing your vocabulary in a variety of cultural situations.

Make a lot of friends!

“It’s not what you know but who you know”. Success in life depends of making friends and influencing people. This is your opportunity to make some potential life-long friends. When you feel good with people you communicate very well. The Summer Spanish Course for Young Adults is designed not only for improving your Spanish language, also for making friends very easily!

Speak lots of Spanish

Your success after your Spanish Course in Malaga is dependent on your speaking and listening. The Summer Spanish Course for Young Adults gives you every opportunity to speak more that you might imagine. Alhambra Instituto shows you the “how” of confident and effective speaking – another element of your life success!

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