María José Barriocanal

teachers_mariajose_400x380-400x380“Hi, I’m Maria Jose. I graduated in English Philology. I have worked in Alhambra Instituto for seven years – I have also worked as a Spanish teacher in London.
I like: reading, traveling and all kinds of music .

I love teaching Spanish because I simply like to teach and I think it’s very interesting to meet people from other countries. I try to strive to find new ways to explain the eternal doubts with verbs ser/estar. I try to make students understand that it is said to ´estar vivo´ and ´estar muerto´. Students have problems to see it as a change of state compared to their logical reasoning “be killed ” is a permanent feature. So knowing these phrases can become very handy.

I teach all levels and I love being in contact with students. We can learn from them, too. They teach us the whole culture of their countries, so thanks to them, I get to learn a lot as well.

Through curious students you also know things that are impossible to learn in a travel guide. I enjoy talking about: my culture , traditions , cuisine and making trips to the city center so they know the streets, typical bars, wineries, food market, etc.”